We’re Here to Help

Here at Wheatley Automotive, we are passionate about educating our customers on the basics of automotive care. We believe that educated consumers are our best customers. We know that there is a lot of information out there about cars, car repair and preventative maintenance that can be confusing, conflicting, and sometimes even misleading.

A car is a major investment, and as consumers we all want to protect all of our investments.

Wheatley Automotive can help you sort out your car care needs. We can help you look at options, set priorities and make informed and educated decisions about your car, repairs and preventative maintenance. We are committed to helping you work within your budget, to ensure safe and dependable transportation.

Choosing a Mechanic:

Choosing an auto technician must be done carefully. We try to work within your budget to keep your vehicle safe and reliable. We can help you prioritize maintenance and repairs to assist in getting your car in tip-top shape without overburdening your finances. We seek your total satisfaction here at Wheatley and work to build a trusting relationship with every customer. We are often recommended for just these qualities. Our goal is to have YOU recommend us to YOUR friends, family, neighbors and co-workers.

What Really Needs Done:

We understand that when money’s tight, sacrifices have to be made. So exactly what should go first? Often it’s the things that seem to have the littlest effect. With gas costs throughout the country being as high as they are, it’s understandable to only think of your automobile any time it’s burning a hole in your wallet at the gas station. However, if this means skipping basic inspections and maintenance, you may be putting yourself at a greater risk and costing yourself more in the long run. Our shop is interested in protecting your family’s safety as well as the value of your car. That’s precisely why we propose regular service and maintenance to guard against pricey auto repairs in the long run, while creating a safer driving circumstance today.