Today’s vehicles are complex, with sophisticated computer systems, miles of wiring and thousands of moving parts. While these advances have made vehicles more fuel efficient and eco-friendly, they have also created more ways for them to fail. The best way to avoid expensive repairs and inconvenient breakdowns is to follow a regular factory maintenance schedule.

While it is true that preventative maintenance costs money, over the life of a vehicle most owners save as much at $0.10 per mile by doing maintenance and keeping their car in top working condition. At Wheatley Automotive we can help you protect your investment.

Spark plugs, filters, fluids and rubber components like belts and hoses all break down after a while. One of our top priorities when you bring your car or truck in, is to check these maintenance related parts for deterioration and to ensure that they meet manufacturer specifications. Your car’s manufacturer including Hyundai, Toyota, BMW, Ford, Infiniti, Volvo, Ford, Chevy, ETC all require factory scheduled routine maintenance and we are capable of performing them all.

At Wheatley Automotive, we are pleased to help you select and adhere to a schedule that meets or exceeds your vehicle’s specific Factory Scheduled Maintenance requirements, your personal driving habits and your budget.

We understand how much you love your vehicle. We recommend regular maintenance, including oil changes at 3,000 miles for conventional oil, 5,000 miles for synthetic blend/full synthetic oil, tire rotation every 6,000 miles, periodic flushing and replacement of other fluids, routine brake inspections and routine safety and seasonal inspections, to keep your vehicle in the very best condition. At Wheatley Automotive, we specialize in working with domestic cars, foreign cars, and light trucks all across the Akron, OH area.

We welcome you to our modern facility where our trained technicians not only perform preventative routine maintenance, but are available to answer your questions and help you to maintain and improve the overall performance of your vehicle. We promises you the most reliable service at a fair price by certified specialists, and we promise to do it in an environmentally responsible way.